Digital X-Ray

We use the one of the most advanced dental digital x-ray systems available. The most important feature of this system is of most concern to patients, reduction of radiation. Digital x-rays are about half the dose of traditional film x-rays. As an example, the average person receives about 360 millirems of background radiation (radiation from daily sources such as the sun and the microwave oven), maybe slightly more for us Floridians! The current federal occupational limit of exposure for an adult is 5,000 millirems. Dosage from our typical full mouth series of x-rays is a mere 18 millirems.

Digital x-rays are quickly becoming the standard in dental imaging.

Digital x-rays allow the doctor to get a much better view of your teeth and potential dental conditions. The digital imaging software allows the doctor to see a number of different views of the tooth to gain a better understanding of the proper course of management. Digital x-rays provide a great benefit to the patient.

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